Brand building. Audience reach. Thought leadership. Community engagement.

Are one, or all of these, items sitting atop your list? If the answer is yes, then podcasting could be the perfect way for you reach each of those goals.

Build your own stage and let them get to know the real you

We all know the cliche about building business is building relationships. The annoying thing about cliches is their origin in truth. You’re a thought leader in your industry.  Your own podcast lets you build the stage you

need to broadcast your message and industry insight. Your own podcast lets you build the s Your show becomes a new networking tool, letting your audience get to know you and connect with you based on your messaging.

Shhhh, don’t tell anyone, but it will make you better at your job

Let’s face it, one of the hardest things for most of us to do is to tell our own story. Most of us have an inherent distaste for boasting about our own knowledge and successes. Hosting your own show forces you to become a better communicator and hone the skills you need to tell your story and grow your business.


Starting strong is an important step for a successful podcast. That’s why every show we produce begins with what we call “the practice sessions.” We’ll use the first three months to help you produce a promo episode, plus three initial episodes so when you launch your new show, you not only have some episodes already in the can, but you find yourself comfortable and in the rhythm of producing a high-quality, regularly scheduled show.


The Fredcasts family

Lee’s Summit Town Hall

Know the issues. Get involved. Help our community grow. Good things happen to those who show up. Lee's Summit Town Hall is a weekly podcast conversation highlighting local issues and people in Lee's Summit, Missouri.

Varsity Kansas City


Whether we’re current athletes, former athletes, spectators, or even a combination of these, our interest in sports likely started because the games were fun. Sports should be fun — especially high school sports. Hosted by Link 2 Lee's Summit's Nick Parker, the podcast features a weekly roundtable of Kansas City, MO area sports reporters highlighting the stories coming from the athletes and coaches comprising the metro's varsity sports scene.


The Story Effect



Fitness expert and personal trainer Ryan Waters hosts this weekly show providing the motivation and education you need to reach your personal fitness goals.


Launching soon, The Story Effect hosts Amy Johnson and Nick Parker are on a mission to find and recognize people who have been inspired and driven to do good in the world.